Do you remember that we had promised it? Don’t you? Well, the day is come. Today, the Alexandre’s room finished!

DSC_0077 2

He’s using it for the first time just few days ago, and we can say, proudly, that he’s very happy. He’s a big boy now, with his room only to him, his skate, his guitar, even though we keep there too some kiddy toys, just in case ; )

Collage Armri habitació Alexandre

We also like so much how the room looks now. It has been a bit hardly but the final result it has been fantastic too. Look at every details, the boxes used as shelves, the new desk, the wall in wood, the darkest rafter in contrast, the lights made by us too! Etcetera, etcetera…


…everything fits perfectly!

coses habitació Collage

See you soon!

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